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2019 Festival Application

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Festival Fees


  • Malvern Business and Professional Association members in good standing:

    • $50 per event; Blooms and Oktoberfest Only

  • Non-Profit Organizations with 501(c)3 Status

    • $50 per event; Blooms and Oktoberfest Only

  • Art and Craft selling only hand created goods

    • $100 per event; Blooms, Oktoberfest & Christmas on King

  • Retail and Service

    • $100 per event; Blooms & Oktoberfest Only

  • Concessions of ready to eat foods - please note: all food concessions MUST hold a permit with the Chester County Department o Health, and MUST provide the appropriate Certificates of Insurance. You will receive this information in your acceptance package.

    • $250 for full meal concessions

    • $150 for limited menu concessions in food trucks

    • $125 for limited menu concessions, ie ice cream only, who fit into a 10' x 10' space

General Information

  • Submitting an application does not guarantee participation in the 2019 Malvern Festivals. Growing Roots will review your application and notify you by email within 14 days of receipt of your application if you have been accepted as a participant.

  • Payment information will be forwarded with your acceptance email.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Malvern Festivals are a rain or shine event. We cannot control the weather. In the event extreme weather is forecast, the event may need to be cancelled. All payments are final. No refunds. No transfers. All registration fees collected are used to develop and produce the event, including all pre-event marketing, festival security, festival supplies, entertainment, staffing, and administration. We pledge to make every effort to produce a safe and entertaining event for all.

  • Certificates of Insurance will be required from all food concessions or anyone selling food, all dog rescues bringing dogs to the event, and anyone approved for a generator. Growing Roots reserves the right to request a Certificate of Insurance from any vendor.


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2019 Malvern Festivals *
Please indicate which festivals you are applying to. NOTE - Christmas on King DOES NOT have exhibit space for retail or non-profit.
Number of exhibit spaces requested *
Food Sales, Sampling or Give-Aways *
Inspectors from the Chester County Department of Health will be on site at the festivals. We must inform them 2 weeks prior to the event of all food sales and sampling. If you intend to give-away food as a promotional, please note that all "give-away foods/beverages" must be pre-packaged. For example, soft pretzels are not allowed as a give away, but a snack bag of pretzels are allowed.
Electricity *
Electricity is NOT AVAILABLE! Generators are not allowed without prior approval from Growing Roots, event coordinators. Exceptions to this are food trucks.
We will try to honor location preferences but simply cannot make any promises. All corner spaces are reserved for sponsorship. Burke Park spaces are routinely given to children's oriented organizations, as well as dog rescues and the like.